The SS-5 is extremely complex and detailed. If you make any mistakes, your application will be denied. USA Filling Services gives you the best chance of submitting a 100% correct application and avoiding costly delays.

What is the Social Security Application Form?

The Social Security form is the only form you must submit when applying for a new card. To receive your new card, you must provide personal and familial details as well as address and a number of other more complex pieces of information.

This form contains all of the details the SSA needs to prove your identity, make a new card ( or make changes), and send it to you.

  • Your name
  • SSN
  • Date and place of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Sex
  • Parental information ( name, SSN, etc.)
  • Address
  • Telephone number

You may voluntarily provide information on your race and ethnicity for statistical purposes. Once you complete the form, you must sign it and submit it to the SSA along with supporting documents according to your reason for filing (we cover this in greater detail below).

Note:   You must complete the form legibly and in blue or black ink. If you do not, your application will be denied.

Application Forms At City Hall

Application We Make the SS-5 Form Easy!

We are a professional, 3rd-party service that walks applicants through the extremely complex SS-5 form process and provides helpful customer service to help you complete this process as quickly as possible.

We are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration or any other governmental organization. Our service exists to help customers like you fill out the application and get your card as quick as humanly possible with no stress or waiting in line. When you use our software, the SS-5 basically fills itself in!

Why wait in line and waste time and money when it can all be done in just a few minutes?

Our service provides:

An auto-generated SS-5 form: The form is where the majority of applicants make their mistakes. Don’t stress over the minor details and risk denial. When you use our service, you only need to answer a few questions and our software will instantly generate your SS-5 form in the proper format. This gives you the best chance of submitting an error-free form.

Complete documentation guidance: The regulations regarding supporting documentation are confusing and lengthy. Our documentation support shows you exactly which documents to send to the SSA. Just tell us why you are applying and we’ll show you the documents you must send in!

An SS-5 application guide: Your personalized application guide will teach you everything you need to know about the form, how to fill it in, and how to finalize your application! Our step-by-step instructions will reduce this extremely complex process to just a few easy steps!

Amazing customer support: Our handpicked experts have helped countless applicants just like you complete this process from start to finish, so they know exactly how to complete the process flawlessly. They are standing by to walk you through the process step-by-step if they have to. The Social Security Administration’s customer support is overwhelmed and they aren’t trained from the applicant’s point of view. Our support representatives are always on-call and are trained specifically to help you!

The Benefits of Our Service

While the government offers new/replacement cards for free, paying our one-time fee comes with a number of key benefits that make it appealing to applicants. Instead of wasting time at the local office, running around, figuring out the application for yourself, and risking denial and delays, for our one-time fee you will:

Skip the lines

We’ll provide the form for you for easy printing and show you how to finalize and mail your application so you don’t have to wait in line at the SSA office in your hometown. Everything can be done right from your couch!

Save time

The SSA offers this service for free, but how much is your time worth? You could very well spend hours driving, waiting, and filling out forms. What could take your hours or even days will now only take you minutes.

Make more money at work

 Many Americans complain to the government that they must take a day off of work to complete this process. Not only do they miss out on pay but they have to spend one of their valuable sick or personal days. Our service lets you skip all that, stay at work, and make a full day’s pay! You’ll actually make money when you use us!

Gain peace of mind

We’ll provide the form for you for easy printing and show you how to finalize and mail your application so you don’t have to wait in line at the SSA office in your hometown. Everything can be done right from your couch!

Give yourself the best chance
at getting a new card

Errors on your application will result in delays. When you use professional filing services, you give yourself the best chance of completing your application correctly and getting your new card fast.

We Aren’t Like Other Application Filing Services…

We are one of the few professional filing services that is specialized in helping applicants complete the SS-5 form. Most other services either aren’t specialized or don’t make the process any easier than it already is.

Most simply provide the form to you, which is something the Social Security Administration will gladly do for free.

Instead, our service walks you through the process and explains everything in plain English. Our straightforward steps show you exactly what to do so the process becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Just answer a few questions, print your form, and follow our filing guide. It’s that easy.

We are a filing agency unlike any other:

Real world experience: We know what you are going through because we’ve lived it. We too were denied our Social Security card, and that was after spending hours running around, collecting documents, fighting with SSA support over the phone, and going to the post office. It was a challenge, to say the least. That’s how we discovered the best way to streamline the process for you.

Proprietary software: Our unique software is one-of-a-kind in the industry. Just tell us why you’re applying and it auto-generates a questionnaire that perfectly completes your SS-5 according to your situation.

Value-added services: Our filing guide, support, and other helpful services teach you all about your card, how to file it, how to keep it safe, and how to finalize your application.

Your privacy is our top priority: It’s important that you don’t just share your information with anyone online, especially extremely sensitive information like this. Your security and privacy is our top priority. We NEVER share your private information with ANYONE, and we use the latest security encryption to make sure nobody can access your data unless you want them to. Most other agencies can’t say that.

Simple and seamless: Our process is so easy that you can complete it in minutes, even if you have 0 experience filing a form with a government agency.


Where can I get the Social Security form?

You may get the form from your local SSA office. However, the fastest and most convenient way for you to get your SS-5 is via our service. In just a few minutes, your application will be generated for you and ready to be printed out. Why wait in line when you can do everything right from the comfort of home?

If you use any other method, you will have to fill it in yourself.

What can I use the SS-5 Application for?

There are a few specific situations you can use the SS-5 for:

  • You are an adult and applying for your first card: If you’ve never received a Social Security card in your life, then you may use this form to request your first one from the SSA.
  • You need to replace a lost or stolen card: Form SS-5 is also used to issue replacement cards regardless of the reason why you are no longer in possession of it.
  • To make changes to an existing card: If you have been married or divorced, or if you are changing your name under court order, you must indicate it on this form and fill it out accordingly.
  • To apply for your child’s Social Security card: You may also fill in this application to file for a new/replacement card for your child.
  • To request a card for adult dependents: If you’re caring for adult dependents (such as elderly parents), you may use this card to apply for a card for them. For example, it could be to obtain their government benefits.
  • Obtaining your first Social Security card as an immigrant: If you have legal working status in the USA, use this form to obtain your card. You must indicate your reason for applying and submit supporting legal immigration documents to be granted a card.

Do I Need Any Other Social Security Forms?

This is the only form you will need. However, you must submit your form with supporting documents such as a passport or driver’s license. This is another area where applicants make mistakes that result in weeks of delays. Our professional filing agents will show you which documents you must submit so you avoid any filing delays.

Supporting Documents

The SSA requires that you submit documents with your SSN application form to prove:

  • Your age
  • Your citizenship
  • Your identity
  • Your immigration status (if applicable)

The SSA may accept one document for two purposes (e.g. you can use your passport to prove your identity and citizenship). However, this depends on the nature of the document and your reason for applying. This is another major factor in costly delays and denied applications.

Here’s a quick guide for reference:

For an original card: You must submit at least 2 documents to prove age, citizenship, and identity.

For a replacement card: The SSA may accept only 1 document to prove your age, citizenship, and identity. However, multiple documents are recommended.

To change information: You must provide a document to prove your age, citizenship, and identity plus evidence to support the name change. You must also establish the reason for the change. This situation is subject to a number of regulations. Please consult the administration’s website (our application experts can help you with this).

How Can I Submit the SS-5 Application?

The easiest and most convenient way to submit your application is to have it prepared by our professional filing agency and then:

  • In person at the SSA office: Take your completed SS-5 and supporting documents to your local office and hand them in.
  • Mail it to SSA HQ: Mail your application bundle to the SSA. Our helpful filing guide will show you how to do this properly.

You Must Fill in Your SS-5 Accurately!

As we mentioned before, your form must be filled in 100% accurately and according to the SSA’s regulations. This includes details such as:

  • Ink color
  • Date formatting
  • Parents’ SSNs
  • Checking the right boxes
  • Address formatting

The government even warns applicants that the form must be filled in correctly before your application can be processed. Since this is a sensitive government document, they must be 100% certain you are who you say you are and that your card is accurate. If not, there could be serious complications for your Social Security benefits or taxes.

Due to these minute details and regulations, applicants regularly get denied and are forced to complete the process all over again. That’s why more and more applicants are turning to professional filing services to ensure their applications are completed correctly.

Why is the SS-5 so Difficult?

It’s not that completing the Social Security application form is extremely difficult. It’s more that it is tedious and requires attention to detail. Not only that, but merely obtaining the form itself is a bit of a hassle if you have to go to the Social Security Administration office.

The form requires a number of personal details, and these details must be submitted in the proper format. Aside from that, you must submit the form with correct supporting documentation for your situation.

This is all taking place in the middle of a hectic and stressful process. The daunting nature of applying for a new Social Security card leads many to make common errors that result in immediate denial.

The Social Security Administration goes to great lengths to explain each detail on the form, but the language is confusing and the sheer amount of detail causes many to be overwhelmed. Figuring the form out on your own as a first-time applicant is extremely difficult.

That’s why so many applicants are happy to use a professional form filing service to facilitate the application. A service like makes the entire process fast and easy by streamlining your application and auto-generating your SS-5 application form (plus many more services). Instead of taking the time to fill in each detail and risking mistakes, our unique questionnaire auto-generates your form, giving you the best chance at filling it out 100% correctly.

Do I Really Need to Fill Out Social
Security Application Forms?

Your Social Security number is the number used to track your earning and benefits from the Social Security Administration. Many applicants ask us if it’s even necessary to apply for a new card if they know their number by heart. The short answer to that is YES.

Even if you know your number, the card itself is vital. You might not need it for every situation where your SSN is necessary. However, should someone ask for it, you will have to produce it.

The complexity of the SS-5 leads many to never apply for a card. This is a major mistake. Again, most institutions will only require your Social Security number, but they may ask you to prove your number and identity using your card. If you can’t, they won’t do business with you, hire you, accept you, etc.

Situations where you may need your card are:

  • Applying for a job: Employers need your card to track your earnings for tax purposes.
  • Applying for college: Universities may want to see your card to prove your identity or determine your eligibility for grants or other benefits.
  • Opening a bank account: Financial institutions almost always want to see your SSC when you open an account with them.
  • Filing taxes: The IRS may require your card or an accountant may require it to ensure your SSN is accurate.
  • Applying for government benefits: If you need to collect unemployment or disability, the government may require your card to prove your eligibility.

Social Security Form SS-5 Summary

The SS-5 is the only form you need to apply for a new, replacement, or modified card. There are no other Social Security forms necessary. The fastest and most convenient way to fill the form in properly is to have it auto-generated by our SS-5 software. Any time you fill the form in manually you run the risk of making minor errors that will result in instant denial.

The form requires a number of personal details, parental details, and other information, and must be filled in according to the rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration. Also, be sure to use blue or black ink.

If there are any errors, your application will be denied and you will be forced to start the process over again.

Due to the complexity of the SS-5, more and more applicants are choosing professional application filing services to streamline the process, save time, and give themselves the best chance of completing their application correctly. Most find that the tediousness of the application makes it easy to commit careless errors that lead to weeks of delays.

  • Auto-generating your form, saving you from careless errors
  • Providing clear documentation guidance
  • Providing step-by-step instructions for submitting your application application
  • Providing access to experienced filing agents
  • Giving you access to elite customer service
  • Providing extra, value-added services that make your life easier

The Social Security Administration will process our form free of charge. However, a professional filing service makes the process so much simpler that it’s well worth the small fee that they charge. If you want to make the process as easy as possible, begin filling out your SS-5 application with us now! You will be done in mere minutes!

Key Takeaways

  • You must submit an accurate SS-5 form to get a new, replacement, or modified card
  • The form is rather complex and any errors will result in denial
  • Take your application to the local office or mail it to the SSA
  • You will need personal information, Social Security info, and supporting documents for your application
  • Professional filing services make the application much easier and save you time and money
  • You should apply for a new card even if you know your SSN because you may need the card to get a job, go to college, open a bank account, or file taxes The form seems simple at first but is actually very complicated
  • is the web’s leading professional filing service! Don’t hire a lawyer or DIY. You’ll either pay way too much or waste time with the government

Begin your application now by answering a few simple questions! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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