May 7, 2017

How to Get a Temporary Social Security Card Print Out

Let’s say that you are getting a new job. Unfortunately, you don’t have your social security card with you. Is it possible that you are going […]
May 1, 2017

Should You Have a Metal Social Security Card?

The metal social security card was short lived. In fact, it was in the 1930s when opposition to the concept of the social security number made […]
April 21, 2017

I Lost My Social Security Card What Do I Do Next?

It’s a common scenario wherein people ask online: “I lost my social security card what do I do?”. What you have to realize is that you […]
April 17, 2017

How Long Does it Take to Get a Replacement Social Security Card Done?

Social Security Number plays a number of roles. It makes tax collection easier, not to mention it allows you to have a smooth sailing retirement. Employers […]
April 9, 2017

What to Do If You Lose Your Social Security Card and You Want a Replacement?

There are instances when you lose your social security card. It is one of the most important identification cards that you can have. Unfortunately, a lot […]
April 6, 2017

How to Order a New Social Security Card

If you have the opportunity to have a social security number in the US, it is a good idea that you apply for one. Having a […]
April 4, 2017

Social Security Card Template

There are a lot of people editing a social security card template these days. In fact, a lot of people can just get the template online […]
March 30, 2017

Ways How to Detect Identity Theft

World Wide Web has allowed hackers to steal people’s information. By not being careful with the information you give out online, it is possible to have […]
March 24, 2017

Common Types of Identity Theft

There are different types of identity theft. Among the most common include financial identity theft, social security identity theft, and insurance identity theft. All of which […]