Things that Hackers Can Do with a Stolen Social Security Number
November 17, 2015

Change name on social security card information

Please refer to the Social Security Card Name Change Application in order to apply online for Social Security Card quick and easy.

Change name on social security card after marriage

Many people change their name after getting married or divorced. Changing name on social security card is one of the first things you need to do after marriage or divorce. If you change your name, you need to update the card by changing name on social security card as well.

Change name on social security card after divorce

As we said previously when getting married or divorced your legal name needs to match your social security card at all times.

Change name on social security card application

You can learn more about the SS-5 Form which is the application form the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses for social security cards in this article

Social security card application forms known as form SS-4 can be very confusing forms, often times people hire expensive law firms.

We suggest an online federal filing specialist to assist you with your government filings. You can also read this article how long it takes to get your replacement social security card.

There are limitations to how many times you can get a replacement of your social security card. You can only change the card three times per year, and you have a limit of replacing the card 10 times in your entire lifetime. You should also remember that you can actually get a replacement of your card for free. There are instances when some scammers will ask you to pay for a fee. Once the documents were matched with your social security card number, you will receive the replacement card in your mailbox.

Name change on social security card

You can process your SS-5 form and apply for a name change on your social security card by with the SSA at any time.

Stolen social security card

Identity theft is a big crime in this new technological age. Hackers can do several things if they gain access to your personally identifiable information. The social security number is connected with several aspects of an American citizen’s life. If a hacker has access to it, the consequences can be disastrous for the person whose identity was compromised. Replace social security card immediately.

Read more about what hackers can do with your stolen social security card.

To obtain your corrected social security card, you will need to:


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