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If you are a US born citizen and you are applying for a replacement or getting a new social security card, the hassle is real. Long cues await you and a back and forth process during the application is a guaranteed nightmare. In the end, you may be required to reapply. For one reason or the other, you may get the details wrong, and your application may get rejected. Rejection can take the energy out of you, especially if you think about repeating the process of getting a Social Security Card for US Born Citizen a second time. That’s where we come into play. Usa Filing Service offers an easy to use online questionnaire to help you get a new or replacement social security card fast. We are not affiliated with the SSA in any way and they offer free forms and assistance by visiting them directly. If you want to streamline this process and avoid long waits and subpar service, let us help!

The chances of failing the second time are still very high because of the high-level standards of clarity required. The rigorous procedure roots out all mistakes and even the slightest mistake will lead to an ultimate rejection of your application.

How do you get the process of acquiring a Social Security Card for US Born Citizen right the first time?

Getting a social security card for a US-born citizen sounds easy and should be easy. This is why you should join the ranks of many US citizens who opt to use professional application filing services to get their US social security card. The application process can be done at the comfort of your home, and it is possible for you to get your social security card within a week of your application. You can do this through

What do you need for a successful social security card application?

The US Social Security card is only handed out to US citizens. You will need to prove your citizenship, your identity and your age. If all these are in check, and you follow the instructions on the application form to the last detail, then the application should sail through with no hiccups.

Benefits of having a social security card

1. Opening a bank account

What you get when you retire is determined by what you earn. You will need your social benefits when you grow old and retire. You will need to know that you can rely on your effort at your youthful age to happily live when you age. It is a requirement for the banks and any financial institution to ask for your social security card number if they want to process your retirement benefits.

2. Employment

Most employers need your social security card to consider your application. You may miss an employment opportunity if you do not have a social security card. This card makes it easier to ensure they get the right card number and further accountability when filing tax returns. In cases where you have lost the card, it is essential to replace immediately as this just cushions your chances for eligibility on any employment platform.

3. Government benefits

The US government is a government that strives to protect and provide for all its citizens regardless of their stations in life. All US born citizens who are unemployed or are persons living with disabilities are subject to receive benefits from the US government to continue their livelihood. To prove that you are worthy of such benefits, you have to obtain a US social security card.

The Application process

You stand to gain more by engaging a professional filing agency to do the heavy lifting for you. The rewards are often appreciated if you endure the struggle and get a failed application. Professional filing services understand the process and are in a position to see a mistake and eliminate it before the final submission.

Benefits of using a professional filing service

1. Eliminate confusion

The Social Service card application website can create confusion. Getting to determine which supporting documents are needed to help your application and how many of each are required is no child play. In the end, applicants get it wrong and have to wait for weeks only to receive a rejected application.

2. Questionnaire
The use of a questionnaire reduces confusion in a manner of ways. Professional services use questionnaires to find the right answers and know when and where the supporting documents are needed. Through the use of application generation software, your response to basic questions will determine how the expert will fill your SS-5 form. The form will capture all your details and ensure zero errors in your application.

3. Full support

The absence of supporting documents and how to get them can deter an applicant from pursuing their application. Getting a social security card for a US-born citizen requires that you have proof of identity. These are just supporting documents. A professional filing service will obtain such documents on your behalf. An additional fee may be required, but the hassle is wholly taken away from your hands.

Correspondence between you and your professional filing service operates at optimum levels to ensure quick response day and night to emails and phone calls.

4. Resources

Professional filing services have the resources to secure any supporting document that is required for a successful application. A list of reference is provided for you to seek any assistance that will help you in the acquisition of your supporting documents. The provision of a free SS-5 application filing guide will guide you on the list of required documents.

5. Protection from identity theft

There is a need for every US-born citizen to protect their identity. Criminals have been known to steal identities and commit financial crimes thereby implicating innocent US citizens in crimes they do not know about.

Professional filing agencies will go the extra mile to enlighten you on the various ways you can keep your identity safe. In case you lose your social service card, it is essential to file a report with the police. Reporting may save you from being implicated in crimes should you become a victim of identity theft.
To be eligible for a social security card, you must be a US citizen, be of age (12 and above) and, be able to prove your identity.

6. Changes to your social security card

There are so many reasons why you may need to change the details in your social security card. Upon filing a divorce, you may feel the need to change your name especially if you are a woman. This is something that you will need help with as it is often a delicate matter that requires professional assistance to get it right.

List of acceptable documents include

1. Citizenship

  • A US birth certificate
  • A US passport

2. Age

  • A US hospital record of your birth
  • Any religious record that shows your date of birth before you attained the age of five.
  • US passport

3. Identity

  • US passport
  • Your US driver’s license

It is free to apply and get your social service card, and you probably do not need a professional filing service for this. You can use on your own and tolerate the long cues, and successfully get your card on the first attempt. However, the running around looking for the right supporting documents will consume most of your time. The time you would have committed to your work or family. Professional filing services allow you these small luxuries at a minimal fee. The catch is to ensure you get your social security service card fast and at your convenience without breaking a sweat.

The best way to achieve this through your computer at home or work is by trusting application-filing-service-com. Getting a Social Security Card for US Born Citizen is a task that requires a team of professionals on your side.

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