Steps of how to get a duplicate Social security card

security Card is an important identity card which is used for daily purpose either while applying for jobs or while paying taxes on yearly basis. As we all know Social Security Card plays a crucial role for all of us we should try to keep it safely with us as if once it’s stolen it can be difficult for replacing it. Though getting it replaced is for free but you need to follow a lot of steps for getting a new social security card.

How to get a Duplicate Social Security Card

So in case you have lost your card or may be it gets stolen, below are few steps to get a new one for yourself.

1. Inform about the lost or stolen card to associated authorities:

Once you are sure that your lost security card is not even at your home then you should get serious and file immediately to the social security office for a new one. In case its stolen you can contact below offices:

2. Get printed the social security Form SS-5:

Steps to be followed to get a duplicate copy of social security card is the printout of the application form. These forms are available on the US Social Security Administration website. The right to print SS-5 form is given to every individual by the SS-5 Administration.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed in your computer.The SS-5 form is compatible with adobe acrobat reader and it gives one the ability to download PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe website for free.

  • Social Security Administration website can be used to download and print SS-5 form.

  • Print the social security to form to go to the next step of filling it.

3. How to fill the SS 5 form:

Fill all the information once you have the hard copy of printed form of SS 5. The information should be valid enough and verified plenty times so that no mistakes are being made while getting social security card.

4. Another step is to gather all immigration and citizenship proofs:

In order to get a new social security card you need to submit all original documents which certify your citizenship. You must carry all the certified, original, specific documents which prove an individual’s citizenship.

  • Forms which give an approval for U.S citizenship are U.S passport, U.S. birth certificate, U.S. Consular report of birth, Certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship.

  • In case you do not have any of the above document and you are not a citizen of U.S. then in that case you should have all of your immigration documents. This can help you to get the duplicate copy of the Social Security card. You must have unexpired foreign passport and a printed copy of Form I-551, I-94 or a department of Homeland Security work permit card.

  • All the documents which are mentioned above should be in original form, no photocopy or notarized copy would be acceptable in the Social Security Administration office. You should carry either the original copies or the copes shared by the immigration agency. After your Social Security card is ready, all of your documents will be sent back.

5. Identity proofs play a vital role:

It is important for one to share original as well papers which shows the current name, photograph and as well as current identification information. There are different ways an individual can prove his identification. Following are some of the proofs which are considered valid by the admin.

  • The most frequently used identity document is a state issued identity card, U.S Driver license or U.S. passport. A U.S Citizen will surely have any one of the mentioned identity proofs.

  • If the above mentioned proofs are not available then second set of identity card which is applicable for this purpose is employee identity card, a marriage certificate, Life insurance policy, a school identity card, Adoption papers or may be a U.S military identification card.

Important note- all of the above documents need to be shared with original, well acknowledged and recent photograph of the applicant.

U.S. passport

6. Move to the local Social security office:

Once you have all the sets of original required documents now is the time to submit these documents to the concerned office. This can be done either by mailing to the specific office mail id or you can submit your application on your own by visiting any office which is located nearby to your place. You can find your office either by calling on 1-800-772-1213 or either visit Social security Administration website.

  • Even if you submit your documents online but then also you have to visit social security office once i.e. to get back your documents. For example if you had submitted your driver license as the identity proof in that case you won’t be able to drive until you get back the original copy of identity card.

  • Always give a call before visiting the office as this will ease you in a way that you are well informative about the office timings before visiting it. Also in case something else is required from your side you can re-verify just by giving a call. As its Administrative office possibility is high that they have certain working hours.

7. Submitting the application in the Social security office:

Either mailing or visiting office with the original documents as well as SS-5 form will help you to get the Social security card.

  • Two documents are to be shared in the social security office is one which proves the identity and other which proves the citizenship.

  • It will take approximately 15 days to get your application completed from the day of submission.

8. Last but not the least waiting for the arrival of the social security card:

Once the whole process ends the application will issue a new card and send it to the mentioned address.

If you are looking for the copy of your Social Security Card the same day,read our next article.

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