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September 30, 2016
How to get a Social Security Card Same Day
November 8, 2016

First 3 Things To Do When You Lose Your Social Security Card

Today we’d like to help you determine what is needed once you lose your Social Security Card, protecting your identity is very important, below are the first 3 things to do when you lose your social security card:

1: Protect your identity.

Services such as LifeLock can help you to monitor any activity on your social security number automatically via email to help identify and address any expected transactions that may arise.

2: Order a replacement Social Security Card.

You can apply directly in person at the Social Security Administration (SSA) or you can simply apply for online SS-4 Form application processing to submit by mail. Your lost SS Card doesn’t have to be a filing nightmare, online processing companies can make the process much easier.

3: Better protect your replacement Social Security Card.

We suggest placing your card in a plastic protection sleeve, preferably a water and airtight protection sleeve. It’s also best to store your card in a fireproof safe with all other personal documents.


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