Get the copy of your Social Security Card the same day

Can you get the copy of your Social Security Card the same day?

Copy Of Your Social Security Card

If you are a temporary worker or a citizen of US, it becomes important to have a Social Security Card as the most important card as a national ID. Through this card a secured social security number is provided by IRS so that your income and taxation can be easily tracked and monitored by the government.

Since it is an unofficial national security ID it is essential to keep it safe and secured so that it doesn't go in wrong hands, but there are times when someone loses his social security card which becomes very troublesome and charges the whole scenario of staying in US. The question then arises "Can  my Social Security Card be replaced the same day"?

The first question the people who have lost the Social Security Card usually ask is that," Will it be possible for them to get their Social Security Card replaced the same day"? The answer to this is, it might certainly take a few days in processing everything or if things work well Social Security Card can be replaced the same day itself, and there is also a possibility of Identity theft while making a new Social Security Card.

Things to anticipate for identity theft:

In some cases you can still work normally after your social security card has been stolen. But you have to be careful that you don't get into trouble with banks or IRS.  A constant monitoring of your record will prevent you from many troubles and you can check your income regularly under your SSN records.

Measures to get social security card replaced the same day:

There is a possibility that you might have to apply for a new SSN if you are continuously facing the problem throughout the year. Until and unless you give a proof of the occurrence of Identity theft it is very difficult to get a new social security number.

This might put you in a difficult situation when you want to get a loan approved as well as your credit will also take a long time to get approved with a blank social security number, all your credits will come to a standstill as you cannot function without a security number. The process is very easy for applying for a replacement social security card and there are three ways to it:

  1. Requirements of documents:

• It is essential to provide original supporting documents as birth certificate; identification proof as passport, driving licence or other photo ID, as well as your social security number is also required for a new social security card.

• Correct and complete information has to be provided in SS-4 form. All copies of original documents required in the application process have to be certified by a government officer for its authenticity.

• In case of applying for social security card online then the supporting documents have to be scanned and emailed along with a mailed application.

• In case of applying for social security card in person it is important to carry all the necessary documents along at the local social security office to avoid inconvenience later and get the card the same day.

The best option to move away from all the hassles and receive a new card on the same day is to apply for a replacement social security card in person on the same day itself at the social security office.

Although social security cards are very difficult to replace, as this is one of the most important card in US and in case you lose that also it might increases your difficulties further.

We help you in making your required documentation process easier and quicker with our SS-5 Application Filing Guide.

The process for applying for replacement social security card:

•By completing the form and personally depositing it at the social security office, immediate action is taken to generate a new card.

• For applying online the SS-4 form has to be completed and submitted on the same day for processing, and your new card can be either mailed or collected from the local social security office depending on your choice.

• It is also possible to take a print out of the form and mail it to the concerned social security officer, but that would take a longer time for the application to reach the office on the same day for processing and the office sending the new card back the same day.

•However there can be some problem or other reasons that might occur to complicate your process that might take longer for your new social security card to process.

Our filling specialists will fill your form on your behalf so that there is no problem at all.

Handling your social security card with alertness:

• Social security card is an important document and needs to be kept carefully.

• In case the card is lost it might lead to great consequences of identity theft which can put you in a difficult situation.

• If your social security number gets leaked, anyone can hack your bank account or open a new account on your name or can also misuse your account, which can ruin your image and hard earned money and leave you a bankrupt.

In case you lose your Social Security Card, the credit reporting agencies should be immediately contacted to get your accounts freeze. With this immediate action nobody will be able to misuse your account or open a new account on your name and your hard earnings will be safe.

Make sure that you check your bank accounts on daily basis to ensure that no one is hacking into your bank account or misusing it on your name. In order to get your new replacement social security card you just need to visit the local social security office with your ID proof to get a new social security card quickly.

If your papers are original and are processed at the right time of the day, you are sure to get a replacement card the same day without much difficulty. Just be careful and keep your card safe with your other important documents.

There is no need to lose hope or get disappointed as we at application-filing-service aid in getting your new social security card affordable and without any efforts. With us, there is no need to hire any expensive lawyers.