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February 4, 2019
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April 18, 2019


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Social Security card is useful for many important purposes. Serving as a multipurpose card, it is and easy source for processing tax collection and it makes your retirement a hassle free and smooth experience for you. Your social security number is needed by your employers for a number of reasons.

Your employers need to submit your social security number to the IRS and so they ask for it. This happens to be the source of monitoring and tracking your income by the agency. Overall SSN is better for retirement as well as for taxation purpose. Now this implies that those acquiring Social Security Numbers are either individuals as US citizens or individuals who are permissioned as per the government norms to work legally in the US.

Cards are something that generally get lost and so is with social security cards as well. Now the questions of concern here are, how long does it take to get a copy of social security card and what are the documents that the social security office would require you to show?

If we talk about the time, then variations in the process timing of getting social security card replaced from an individual to the other, depends on state wise locations of the offices.

However, you can take in account the average overall processing time around 2 weeks. The shortest best possible time is 10 business days, conditioned that all of the required documents have been provided, that all of the documents are either originals or certified copies and that there is no backlog of replacement card requests already in their system.

Now when you are clear with how long it takes to get a copy of social security card, then also get acknowledged with all the things that you require showing in the social security office. Firstly, your social security number is required. Just in case you forgot or don’t remember your social security number then the option is to show the necessary documents in order to enable the office staff to search for your files. For example if you show a US driver’s license in case you have one or other government IDs, it will be sufficed to get a copy of your social security card.

Though you can lose your social security card by some reason but as far as you can, be very cautious with handling of your Social Security Number ID. The reason is time limit, according to which, you are allotted with only 10 replacements for your social security card in your lifetime.

And that too in a year, you are allotted with only three replacements. But this time limit excludes situations where you want to change your name and you want a new social security number.

Now that you are familiar with how long does it take to get a copy of social security card you should know the fact that a social security card holds a lot of importance in the financial planning strategy for millions of Americans, including the retirement and disability benefits that it pays to workers and the host of family as well as the benefits available to spouses and children.

So consequently it becomes really necessary to have an account of the updates happening with the program. As per many people Social Security is a kind of a long-term threat.

However, the program is currently slated to stay the course in 2018, with a few modest changes that reflect regular annual adjustments to its provisions. So let us know the several key aspects of Social Security and how they’ll potentially change in 2018.

Amount of benefits available to typical Americans

An increase of 2% in cost of living was given to Americans by Social Security, in the month of January. That estimated effect of which was to raise what beneficiaries get from the program. The Social Security Administration estimated the average monthly benefit for retired workers in January 2018 would be $1,404, and for couples who receive two benefits, the average total family benefits would be $2,340 per month.

Significant benefits would also come to the survivors of workers way. Average total benefits of $2771 per month   would be for a widowed parent with two children, while a surviving spouse without qualifying children will get a benefit of an average of $1,336 monthly.

What's the new full retirement age for those retiring in 2018?

The criteria on which SSA’s benefits payments are based is the assumption that you’ll retire at your full retirement age. That number in turn depends on when you were born.

The calculation for those who are first eligible for Social Security in 2018 because they are 62 years old now, the fact that their birth year is 1956 means that their full retirement age is 66 and four months.

If you are turning 62 next year and claim Social Security, you will be suffering a nearly 27% reduction in your monthly payment compared to what you’d get if you waited the extra four years and four months.

Interestingly, though, those who have their 66th birthday in 2018 will be able to claim on their birthday and get full retirement benefits, because the specified age is exactly 66 for those born between 1943 and 1954.

The maximum amount of benefit you can get from Social Security in 2018

More payments as compared to previous years will be given to those retiring in 2018, but the size of the maximum possible Social Security payment will be based on your age at the time of retirement.

If you claim benefit at 62, you’ll suffer a substantial reduction in what you receive compared to claiming at full retirement age. More amounts of money can be availed by those waiting till age 70 to take retirement benefits, because of the delayed retirement credits that the SSA rewards.

In 2018, the maximum Social Security benefit for those who are 62 years old will be $2,159 per month, up $6 from 2017. Yet the maximum for those who are 66 will go up more than $100 to $2,788 per month, and the maximum for those waiting till age 70 will be $3,698, up $160 from the previous year.

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