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Social Security Card Replacement Columbus Ohio
September 5, 2017
How to Get a New Social Security Card
September 9, 2017

It surprises most people to know that ordering a social security card is actually pretty simple. However, before we get into it, it is vital that readers understand and appreciate the sheer importance of their social security card. They fail to grasp exactly what it is for and what purpose it serves.

Request a new social security cardIn order to remedy that, this article will discuss the exact purpose of these social security cards and what sets them apart from the other government-issued IDs. In addition to this, it also delves into the specific processes of getting a new social security card.

Request a new social security card

As mentioned earlier, your social security card is a government-issued ID. However, unlike one’s state ID, it is recognized virtually everywhere in the country. This is because the Social Security Administration, the agency that handles it, is itself a branch of the federal government. This simply means that your social security card is an extremely effective means of identification. If you ever find yourself requesting something from the federal government, the first thing you will be asked to present is your social security card.

Can I Laminate My Social Security Card?

Now, what makes this particular federal-issued ID so special? That is probably the question that comes to mind next. To answer that question, one only needs to take a good look at the social security card itself. You will probably notice that, aside from your name and other personal information which is commonly shown in IDs, the social security card contains a 9-digit code. This is your social security number. It is assigned to you by the federal government in order to monitor your work and employment history, your tax history as well as your total social security contributions during your active years in the workforce.

Readers must understand that their social security card contains not only their personal information but also their financial data. Needless to say, all of its information is highly sensitive yet necessary. Even non-citizens are required to get their own socials security cards.

Apply for social security card Brooklyn NYNow that you understand the importance of having a social security card, it is important that you know where and how to get one. Luckily, the process itself has been simplified and streamlined by the Social Security Administration for better efficiency. Just make sure that you follow the steps presented below.

  • File A Request – Visit the nearest SSA satellite office and tell them that you wish to request a new social security card. Explain to them the grounds of your request as accurately as you can so that they can better assist you.
  • Submit the Documents – You will be asked to submit supplementary documents which should serve to prove your identity. Make sure that you bring original copies of your birth certificate as well as any valid IDs.
  • Fill-up the Forms – Make sure that you answer the request form thoroughly.

Apply for social security card Brooklyn NY

If you feel that you do not have the time to make a personal appearance at the local SSA office, then you would be pleased to know that you can also process your requests online.

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