Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5)
August 16, 2016
Apply For New Social Security Card
August 16, 2016

Order a New Social Security Card Online

A Social Security Number is a nine digit proof of identity that is unique to every American citizen. If you need to order a new Social Security Card online please Click Here. Since inception in 1936, Social Security Number has helped the federal government keep records which could otherwise been nightmare without it. Today, it is practically impossible to engage in any legal biding activity or employment without producing Social Security Card.

You can simply order a new social security card online today for first time applicants or in case you have lost yours.

Order a New Social Security Card Online

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The government uses Social Security Number in determining your tax obligation. It is also uses it to establish the number of years that you have worked and your lifetime earnings. In determining the social security income after retirement, the government uses social security number to determine your retirement benefit to take home.

It is without doubt that this number is a must have for anyone residing in America today.

Other instances you are required to produce Social Security Card

It is a federal requirement to provide Social Security Number when opening a bank account or when applying for federal loan. This means that without SSN you will not be able to hold or operate any bank account in United States thus limiting the scope of your business. This is even worse when you want to secure a federal loan, since one of basic requirement that will be used to access your eligibility is the Social Security Number.

Often times its easiest to Order a New Social Security Card Online, you can also file manually by mail.

Before starting a new job, the employer will ask for your Social Security Card. This is for the purpose of filling Internal Revenue Service to Social Security Administration department by the employer. It is also used in reporting tax deductions to be made from your salary by the state. This means that you can hardly find any job in America without Social Security Number.

When applying for a passport, you will be required to produce your Social Security Card among other requirements. Failure to produce will complicate the application process and delay passport application process. However, you can go on with the passport application process provided you provide the card at a future date. Failure to honour this pledge can attract a fine of $500.00.

It is a requirement to produce your social security card when enrolling for Medicare and other state benefit programs. Centre for Medicare services collaborate with Social Security Administration in enrolling new applicants thus making it impossible to access Medicare without SSN. This is the same case when applying for any social security benefits like Unemployment Benefits and Social Security disability income. Order a New Social Security Card Online if you need to obtain one.

The above instances indicate that it is impossible to normal daily business without securing Social Security Card.

How to apply for Social Security Card

If you have lost your card or it has been stolen, you can easily order for a new card. The process however is long and can be tiresome especially when you urgently need it and have other things to attend to. However, you can easily get assistance from our existing business of social security card processing. We help you avoid the long and tiresome process by making it hassle free for you to apply for your card online.

And don’t forget! You can always Order a New Social Security Card Online!

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