Social Security Card Template
April 4, 2017
What to Do If You Lose Your Social Security Card and You Want a Replacement?
April 9, 2017

Social security

If you have the opportunity to have a social security number in the US, it is a good idea that you apply for one. Having a social security number can come in handy if you plan on working in the US. Its main purpose is to track your lifetime earnings and the number of years that you have worked in the US. Its main purpose is to know the number of benefits that you are going to receive later on.

Unfortunately, you may need to order a new social security card at some point whether it is lost or if you are victimized by identity theft. In cases of identity theft, you may need a new social security number altogether.

If you are going to get a new social security card, you will have to remember that you can only lose the card for a number of times in your lifetime. You can only get a replacement for the card 10 times in your entire lifetime. You also can’t have a replacement for the social security card for more than three times in one year. You will need to submit all the necessary documents in order to get a new social security card. You will wait for around two weeks in order to get everything done. However, there is also a chance that you are going to get it fast. There are instances when the card is mailed within a day or two. Among the necessary documents that you will need to have are a driver’s license and a US passport.

If you are having a difficult time getting a replacement for your social security card, you might want to check the website to know all the necessary details that you will need to fill out. Also, there is a chance that the agency is double checking your information.

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