Lost SS Card
Lost SS Card
September 15, 2016
Where To Get a Social Security Card
September 22, 2016

Replace Social Security Card

Lost and Stolen Social Security Cards

If you lose your social security card or it gets taken, you’re in a very bad situation. We’re here to help you replace Social Security Card. Here at Application Filing Service, you will find out exactly how to get a new social security card, but initially, you need to secure your identity.

The easiest most common method is to apply online for your Replacement Social Security Card

Although most of professionals will tell you that changing the card should be your first step, this is not perfect. It is best to protect your identity initially! If somebody steals your identity, your good name could be torn to shreds and your credit history could be put through the wringer.

Replace Social Security Card

The first thing you’ll want to do is start submitting grievances to the appropriate entities. Initially, you ought to call the FTC, Federal Trade Commission. The FTC works together with the Social Security Administration to help combat identity theft.

They’ll be able to watch on your SSN and guarantee it is not being used in a devious manner. Second, you should file a problem with the Internet Criminal offense Complaint Center. When this has been completed, you ought to examine your Social Security records and your earnings estimations. Ensure everything is precise.

Lastly, you must begin monitoring your credit reports! Somebody could quickly use your SSN, as a way to register for credit, get loans and open accounts in our name. By keeping track of these reports, you will have the ability to spot deceitful behavior and report it instantly.

If you happen to area activity, which could be deceptive, you will wish to submit a grievance with the Federal Trade Commission immediately! Once completed, you must call each of the three credit reporting entities and make them away of the deceptive activity.

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