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August 16, 2017
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August 20, 2017

Your social security card is an important document that should be kept safe at all times. This is because it not only contains sensitive information about the cardholder but it is also a universally accepted ID. Of course, no one would want to find themselves in a situation wherein their card may have been lost or stolen. However, it is vital that readers know what to do if they ever find themselves dealing with such circumstances.

This article seeks to help you with that. It provides readers with a basic guide to the entire social security card replacement application process. It presents everything you need to do and all the requirements you need to provide in order to ensure that you get your social security card back in the soonest.

Replacement social security card request

Replacement social security card requestIt is a common misconception that the process of requesting a new social security card is overly cumbersome. It would please readers to know that this is certainly not the case. The good people of the Social Security Administration have outdone themselves and developed a simple and efficient application process.

That being said this is what you need to do if you ever find yourself without your social security card:

  • Report the Loss of the Card – If you did not already know, a lost or stolen social security card can easily lead to identity theft. It is vital that you let the SSA know of your situation immediately. After all, your social security card contains a number of sensitive information including your social security number. Needless to say, you would not want this falling into the wrong hands. That is also why you must inform the SSA of the possibility of theft if you feel that your card has been stolen. By doing so, you are effectively minimizing the risk and insulating yourself from the dangerous consequences it may bring.
  • Wait for the SSA Assessment – The next thing you need to do is wait on the recommendations of the SSA officials. Immediately after filing your report, the SSA will be monitoring your account for any suspicious activities. This is in order to assess whether your account has been compromised or not.
  • File your Request – If everything goes well, then you can use the same social security number for your new card. If it has been compromised, then you will be issued a new one along with your replacement card. Filing the request itself is rather easy, all you need to do is get the right type of application form. The SSA staff will be more than happy to assist you in this regard. It is also worth noting that you may be asked to provide additional documents that will prove your identity. So, be sure to bring an original copy of your birth certificate and an additional ID.

Replacement social security card application online

Replacement social security card application onlineIt would please readers to know that the SSA has also made the entire application process available online. This certainly makes everything that much more convenient.

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