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September 3, 2017
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September 7, 2017

In an effort from the Social Security Administration to make itself more accessible, it has chosen to open a number of different branches in key population centers all over the country. Columbus, one of Ohio’s central cities, is home to more than one of these SSA satellite offices.

How to get a replacement social security card Columbus OhioAs you probably already know, the SSA is an agency of the federal government which seeks to provide citizens and noncitizens active in the work force the important social safety net they need. That being said, it offers a number of important services to all their account holders including the right to get a replacement social security card.

This article seeks to help you make the most of the services being offered by the SSA. It provides Columbus residents with everything they need to know if they plan to request a replacement social security card. It outlines all the steps that need to be undertaken as well as the requirements that must be met for a successful application.

How to get a replacement social security card Columbus Ohio

Getting a replacement social security card is actually a pretty straightforward process. Presented below are all the things you need to do in order to ensure a successful social security card replacement application.

  • Report your Situation – The first thing that needs to be done is inform the SSA of your intention to file a request for the card replacement. You will need to inform them why you need a new card. The grounds for such a request can range from a simple account information update, loss of card or possible social security card theft.

Keep in mind that the grounds for your application may affect the steps that follow it. So, make sure that you are specific in your report.Social Security Card Office Columbus Ohio

  • Fill-up the Right Forms – As stated earlier, the reason for your replacement will affect the entire process. That being said, make sure that the forms you get are the right one. If you are unsure, then you may ask the staff at the Columbus SSA office for assistance.
  • Submit the Supplementary Documents – Once again, the documents that you will need to submit depends entirely on your purpose. If you need a replacement card because you have changed your name, then you will need to bring old documents showing your original name and the court-order legalizing the name change.

Once you have everything, you can go ahead and submit your replacement request to the Columbus SSA. There will be a brief processing period but you should be able to get your card in a couple of days.

Social Security Card Office Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio residents should take comfort in the fact that they have a multitude of options available to them when it comes to Social Security Administration offices. This is because, as one of the most important cities in the state of Ohio, Columbus is home to no less than three branches. Namely, these are the ones on Hamilton Road, High Street, and Worthington. That being said, make sure that you go to the one closest to your location.

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