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April 18, 2019
Getting a social security card
April 18, 2019


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A social security number is a unique number comprising of nine-digits that the American government issues to all its American citizens who are eligible and who go through the application process. The American government uses it to track all its citizens for the purpose of keeping record. This record needs to be maintained so to gain information about the number of years you have worked along with your earnings.

When you wish to retire, then based on your record, you will be eligible to receive social security disability income. The U.S government uses this information to also gauge if you are eligible for benefits from the government. This number generally is unchanged and is used throughout one’s life unless of some special circumstances. A replacement number can be applied for if one has been the victim of identity theft. The social security card replacement officehelps you to get a replacement in case of similar theft. Please continue reading to gain more clarity on social security numbers and its advantages and disadvantages.

When should you obtain one and why do you even need one?

Potential employers are going to be interested in your social security number and hence is makes sense to get one. The organization’s accounting department needs this number to give relevant information regarding your income details to the Internal Revenue Service. Information regarding your social security wages will also be logged in through the acquisition of this number. Employers also use this number for reporting of state income. They may not need to if your state doesn’t have income tax. Participants of E-verify also under all circumstances acquire a social security number because it is mandatory to have one before the onset of work.

What cases do not require a social security number?

Federal law gives everyone the right to ask for a social security number, however that also does not mean that you have to give the number to whoever that asks. It is advisable to use this number as rarely as possible. Medical givers will most likely ask for it on paper and you could leave that bit blank and usually no one would question it. A medical professional and other businesses can use other submitted information to identify you and to keep track of your recorded data. Please also note that there might arise a case when you refuse to give out your social security number and the other party may refuse to do business on the basis of just that.

Social security card replacement office also recommends that you should avoid carrying your social security card around with you in case you lose it accidentally or it gets stolen. Only carry it on you if the need is urgent such as if you have to fill out paperwork to start at a new place of employment and you need the social security number to show as proof of residence if you do not have your passport at the time. You definitely do not want to risk losing your card or have it stolen as thieves have a special interest in them and they can apply for credit, apply for loans, get a job and access health care through theft and then fraud.

This can turn out to be a bigger problem than what you has suspected and has to be handled through the process of precaution. Social security card replacement officeadvises to keep your card in a safe and secure place under lock and key at all times.

If you have lost your card and a considerable amount of time has passed since you had your social security card and a new employer or another authority body needs you to produce your card, then the only solution is to replace it.

The social security administration only gives you three chances in a year to replace a stolen or a lost card and one cannot exceed more than ten times in a lifetime. Please note that changing your name would also require you to apply for a new card but these don’t count towards the ten limit that they offer. The agency has processed over 157,000 requests for the same.

The social security card replacement office tells you how to replace a card and everything there is to know about the same.

The most convenient and handy way to make an application is online. Our specialists can even help you in filling of your application so that you have no issues at all.

After 215, there is a new system of online applications in many states in the U.S and the Colombian district area. To apply online, the application-filing-service will first verify your American citizenship. You also must have an application-filing-service account online, an American mailing address and a valid driver’s license or a state-issued identification card. Our SS-5 Application Filing Guide help in making your entire work easier and faster.

After submission, your identification information will be compared with the submitted records. Other verifications will also be done.

However, in the case that you are unable to apply online and make a submission and do not wish to submit your documents via post, then you can take the documents to your local social security card replacement office. You will be able to find one nearest to your location online. We advise you to send them through certified mail as they provide a having received confirmation.

All documents must also be in their original form and photocopies shall not be accepted and nor will notarized paperwork along with documents that have been expired.

Proof of residence will also need to be submitted that includes passport and an original birth certificate. Proof of age and identity will also have to be submitted. If in case you don’t have them in your possession and ten days is too short a time to get them in order, then a school identification card, an employee card, U.S issued military card or a health insurance card can be submitted in its place. A medi-card will not be accepted as a proof of identity and residence.

Ten working days is the approximate time frame to receive a new card after an application for the same.

Please put the new card in a safe and secure place as there is a cap on the number if times one can make an application for replacement.

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