Things that Hackers Can Do with a Stolen Social Security Number
November 17, 2015
Everything You Should Know When Getting A Social Security Card
November 24, 2015

New Social Security Card


Identify thieves have an interest in your social security number. When people who are not interested in your welfare have access to your card, you need to be worried.

Hackers are particularly interested in social security numbers because they can sell them for high prices. When an identity thief has access to a social security number and the name on the card, they can apply for a mortgage/car loan or open a new credit line. Or they can obtain goods and services in the name of the victim. They can even file fake tax returns and steal the victim’s tax refund. As you can see, there are a number of things that a hacker can do with a social security number.

In the online black market where hackers buy or sell personal data, social security numbers fetch more money than credit card numbers or a combination of username and password. It is not surprising, though. Social security numbers allow identity thieves to access private aspects of the victim’s life. Your social security number is something that sticks with you for life. If your card gets stolen, the repercussions may haunt your life for several years.

Are social security numbers permanent? Yes. They are permanent to a great extent. The number that you received at birth is the one that will stick with you for life. However, there are a few situations where the SSA may grant a new number.

Getting a new social security card

In certain circumstances, the SSA allows people to obtain a new social security number. If you have been battling identity theft for some time, getting a new social security card may be the only solution.

When to consider getting a new social security card?

The SSA will grant your request for a new number in the following circumstances.

  • Sequential numbers given to the different members of a family are causing problems.
  • The same number is assigned to more than one individual.
  • The social security card has been hacked. A person whose social security card has been stolen or hacked will continue to be disadvantaged if they use the original number.
  • The identity theft causes life endangerment, harassment, or abuse.
  • A person has some cultural or religious objections to the digits of the original social security number.

It is possible to change a social security number, but it is difficult.

Just because someone hacked your social security card, it does not mean that you will automatically receive a new number. The SSA will grant your request for a new number only if you can prove that the identity theft has had persistent negative impacts on your life and that those negative impacts manifested themselves during the last year.

social security card

You have tried everything you could to solve the problems arising from the misuse of your social security number. Still, somebody is using the number and putting you at a major disadvantage. In this case, getting a new social security card is the only viable solution. The SSA understands this and will assign a new number to people who have been battling identity theft. While applying for a new number, you have to prove your age, identity, and citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will have to prove your immigration status. In addition, you will have to submit evidence that the misuse of the number is causing persistent problems to you.

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