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How To Get A New Social Security Card

In order to obtain a new card, you’re required to submit a SS-5 form to the Social Security Agency. This is the application form that the Social Security Administration uses in order to issue you a brand new card.

The SS-5 form only requires you to fill out basic information. This includes your name, place of birth, date of birth, sex, date, phone number, mailing address, and signature.

This is a fairly simple form to fill out, and most people can fill this form out in minutes. However, you might need a bit of further assistance if you are an immigrant or you’re applying for a new social security number.

When Can You Apply For A New Social Security Number

There are certain circumstances where it is acceptable to apply for a new social security number. If you’re going through a difficult situation such as harassment, abuse or there is proof your social security number was stolen.

When Might You Need A New Card?

There are many reasons why you might need a new card. This is a document which is very important. It’s also a fairly small document which is easy to lose. A social security card is so small that it can slide out of your wallet, be thrown in the trash, or forgotten about easily. Social security cards can also be stolen in very rare cases.

Another event in which your social security card might be lost is during a natural disaster. If you are involved in a natural disaster such as a fire or a flood, then your social security card could be lost.

You might also need to apply for a social security card whenever you need to change your name due to marraige or divorce. If you get divorced, a judge can allow your maiden name to be restored.

What Happens If My Card Gets Stolen?

If your card gets stolen, you’ll want to consider steps to protect your credit first. Report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission, then have each of the credit agencies place a freeze on your credit. Once you’ve taken steps to secure your identity from being stolen, contact us right away for assistance with obtaining a new Social Security Card.

Why Might You Need A New Social Security Card?

Whenever you go to apply for new employment, open a bank account, or apply for a loan – a social security card is a requirement. This is used to establish your creditworthiness, determine your eligiblity for a loan, or verify your identity.

A social security card is often required for our interactions with the government. It’s required to prove our identity when we go to apply for a Passport or Driver’s License. It can also be required to prove identity by social services agenices whenever we might need assistance.

Educational institutions require you to present a valid social security card in order to be eligible for enrollment. This could also be required to obtain your financial aid.

Nearly everything ordinary Americans do require a Social Security Card. That’s why having one is crucial to your future, and you need to consider obtaining one right away if you don’t have one.

What Documents Are Required As Proof?

The Social Security Administration is looking for proof of eligibility before they are able to issue a new card. You need to prove that you are a U.S. citizen whom is also of the required minimum age. You also need to prove identity. For most people, a U.S. birth certificate proves citizenship and age, and a driver’s license is used to prove identity. You may also be required to appear in person if you are applying for a brand new social security number, where you may be asked to provide school/employment records to prove your eligibility.

How Often Can Your Social Security Card Be Replaced?

You can have your social security card replaced 10 times in your life and once per calendar year. Exceptions to this rule can be made in certain cases, but must be approved by the Social Security Administration.

Why Consider Obtaining Assistance With The Application

You might consider using our Social Security application service to make the process as simple as possible. We offer phone support 7 days per week, and e-mail support around the clock. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ensure that all of your questions about the process will be answered. We make the process simple to understand with an online questionnaire.

We will also assist you in obtaining all of the required documentation that you might need when applying for a new card. Included with your purchase is a guide which will walk you through the process of obtaining this documentation in a easy step-by-step way.

Once you’re done with our questionnaire, the only step remaining will be to mail the form and required documentation to the Social Security Administration. There’s no need to spend time in line waiting at the office or struggle with filling out forms. You’ll also be more certain that you’ll get your new Social Security Card in time because we’ll assist you with the process.

How To Get A New Social Security Card Right Away

We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You can get your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisifed with our service for any reason. This means that your experience with us is completely risk free. We can make this offer in confidence because we know that you’ll see the value in the service that we will provide to you.

We’re here to help you if you’re looking for someone to walk you through the process. We know that it can often be confusing, and that you might have plenty of questions. With our help, you’ll be confident that the process won’t be delayed and that you’re able to get your card as quickly as possible.

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