Common Types of Identity Theft
March 24, 2017
Social Security Card Template
April 4, 2017

World Wide Web has allowed hackers to steal people’s information. By not being careful with the information you give out online, it is possible to have your identity stolen by these individuals and groups. And unfortunately, a lot of things can happen. It can lead to tremendous amount of debt or even higher insurance premiums. It is just as important to know how to detect identity theft. Here are some red flags that you are already a victim of identity theft.

Withdrawals that you can’t explain

Most of the time, a lot of people usually don’t track their bank records. Make it a habit that you do since a lot of times, hackers withdraw money using your ATM information. If you are getting withdrawals that you never made, it is a good idea that you contact your bank. Make sure that you also stop all existing cards that could potentially be compromised.

Debt collectors look for you

If you are having debts that you never made, chances are you are already a victim of identity theft. Yes, there are instances when you have to deal with the consequence of paying for the purchases that hackers made.

IRS problems

There are instances when victims of identity theft usually end up with problems with the IRS. The IRS will contact you that there’s more than one tax return filed under your name. It is also a red flag when you have an income from an employer that you are never worked for.

You pay a higher insurance premium

It is a common scenario wherein your insurance information is being used by other people. In this scenario, they are getting treatments using your insurance information. It leads to a higher insurance premium. In some occasions, the victim even loses the right to have his or her condition covered by the insurance company. In fact, you can even be billed for medical procedures that were never done to you.

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