First 3 Things To Do When You Lose Your Social Security Card
October 7, 2016
What Makes Identity Theft Resource Center Useful Today?
March 18, 2017

You can obtain your Social Security Card SS-4 form processed today online. You can also apply in person at your local SSA branch.

Below you’ll find more ways to obtain your Social Security Card and the details pertaining to each.

Online  You may apply for your Social Security Card SS-4 Form processing online at Lost Social Security Card Same Day Form Processing.
By Mail  We suggest checking with a local SSA office regarding the speed of their SS-4 Form processing times.
In Person To file in person at your local SSA office we suggest contacting them before hand to make sure you have all of the documents required.

Replacement Social Security Card Information


All U.S. residents need a social security card. The procedure of getting that card changes often. When applying for your card we suggest choosing a website that’s simple to use. Also know that you should have original copies of verification documents certified by the bureau that issued them.

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