Getting a social security card

Getting a Social Security Card doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive!

Figuring out how to get a new social security card isn’t easy, there are many ways and some of them are very expensive while others are hard to figure out.

Getting a social security card doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming but doing it right requires knowing how to file properly or hiring the right people to file on your behalf.

We suggest online social security card filing specialists, try Social Security Card Online for example.

social security card

Obtaining this card will require a number of different documents. The documents needed depend on a number of different factors, including your current citizenship status and your age. Obtaining a social security card for the first time is also much more difficult than obtaining a replacement or having one corrected.

As some one who happened to be born in the United States of America you really should probably obtain your birth certificate first or a United States passport. If you do not have any of these documents, you should attempt to obtain the hospital record of your birth.

You can also self file at but it will require time and research to properly file, filing incorrectly can cost you weeks of time in refiling the SS-5 form application and could get expensive if you need to hire a lawyer, like most, to file.

If any changes are made to the SS-4 Form in 2017 we will be updating it here immediately as its known.

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