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Reason for Applying

What is your reason for applying:

  • Replace social security card.
  • Change the name displayed on your social security card.
  • Change any information on your social security card other than name.
  • File for the first original social security card, If you've never had a social security card before select this option.

Getting a replacement social security card.

  Obtaining a social security card replacement online easy. Simply complete the form above. And then submit it with at least two documents verifying your identity and citizenship.

Those that live and work within the United States should totally understand the importance of their ssc card. Without this card, it would be nearly impossible to positively identify yourself.

It is possible to use a driver’s license in some situations.  But, the SS card is truly vital. So, you cannot replace it with anything else. Within this complete guide, you will learn everything there is to know about this card. You will also get to know about how to obtain a replacement, if yours gets lost or stolen.

What Is It?

Before going any further, it’s better to get introduced with this card and its basics. It’s actually a wallet-size documents. And it’s given out by the Social Security Administration. The card provides you with a social security number. And it will also have your name on the front.

All United States citizens, temporary working residents and all permanent residents can and should obtain this card.


The ssc card was initially crafted as a way to keep track of American citizen and their Social Security. In present day, the card and number are much more useful. And so, you can use it for serving some other purposes, as well.

For starters, the card is usually utilized as an identification number. Finally, the IRS uses the social security number to better keep track of citizens and taxation. Honestly, in the US, the social security number is truly pertinent. Its Uses will be examined in greater depth below.

Getting Employment

Nearly everyone, who lives within in the United States, needs to be employed consistently. In order for these individuals to be eligible for employment, they must be citizens of the country. So, they must be able to prove it one-way or another. This is truly one of the most important and beneficial uses of the SSN and the card. Without a valid card and number, it would be nearly impossible to obtain employment.


There is truly a lot of individuals living within the United States that would like to be able to better themselves. Many of these people attempts to seek betterment, by returning to school and attempting to obtain a degree.

This is one of the best ways to better your life. Thus, you can obtain an improved job and begin earning a substantial amount of money. Of course, in order to obtain governmental aid or a student loan, you will need to have a SSN. If you do not have the card, the lending agency will not be able to confirm your identity. So, they will not offer you any assistance or any loan.

With this in mind, the SSN is truly vital. Therefore, all US citizens need to obtain one immediately.

Driver’s License

To drive legally within the United States of America, you will need to obtain a driver’s license. If you do not own a valid driver’s license and happen to be pulled over by a law enforcement officer, you could very well be arrested. And maybe you will likely be penalized by hefty fines.

In order to get the license, you will need to be able to positively identify yourself. And you also need to confirm your US citizenship status. This is where the social security number will come into the picture.

As long as you have a valid card, you shouldn’t have any difficulty obtaining a valid driver’s license.

Social Security Retirement Benefits

If you are reaching or exceed the retirement age, you are probably getting ready to apply for social security card online retirement benefits. The process is very simple. But you will need to verify your identity using a social security number, birth certificate, and U.S. passport.

If you do not have a valid SS card, you will need to apply for a replacement. You can do this online at the SSA website or in person at one of the local facilities.

Marriage and Divorce

If you have just gotten married, you will need to replace your birth name with your married. So, you will need to apply for a new ssc card. Many new married females do not even understand the necessity of replacing that old ssc card. But they should replace it soon after the wedding date.

Just because you get divorced does not necessarily mean that you need to obtain a replacement social security card. In fact, the only time that this is necessary is if you change your married name back to your maiden name.

Of course, you will have to enter a court order requesting the judge to restore your maiden name. Once this processed is finalized, it will be time to begin the SS-5 application.


It is important to keep your personal ID card in a very secure place at all times. Only pull it out, when you need to utilize it for verification purposes. Yeah, it is very easy to apply for social security card online replacement. But, the Social Security Administration limits the number of replacement cards that you can receive.

Three replacements within 1 calendar year and 10 replacements within your lifetime are the limitations. In some very important the SSA will make exceptions to this law.

What To Do If Your Card Is Lost Or Stolen

If you lose your card or it gets stolen, you’re in a very bad situation. With this in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Application Filing Service, you will learn precisely how to get a new social security card. But first, you should protect your identity.

The majority of experts will tell you that replacing the card should be your first step. But, this is not ideal. It is best to protect your identity first! If someone steals your identity, your good name could be torn to shreds. So, your credit score could be put through the wringer.

The first thing you’ll want to do is begin submitting complaints to the appropriate entities. First, you should contact the FTC, Federal Trade Commission. The FTC works alongside the Social Security Administration to help fight identity theft.

They’ll be able to keep an eye on your SSN. And thus, they can ensure it is not being utilized in a devious manner. Second, you should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Once it is complete, you should check your Social Security records and your income calculations. Make sure everything is accurate.

Finally, you should begin monitoring your credit reports! Someone could easily utilize your SSN, as a way to register for credit. They can take out loans and open accounts in our name. By monitoring these reports, you will be able to spot fraudulent behavior. So, you can report it immediately.

If you can spot any suspicious activity, you will want to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission immediately! Once finished, you should contact each of the three credit reporting entities. And thus, make them away from the fraudulent activity.

What Does It Cost To Obtain A SSC Card?

Now, you should realize that proceeding through the process on your own is entirely free. However, there are some 3rd party entities, which can help you for a minute fee. With the assistance of these entities, you will be able to complete the process on your first attempt. And thus, you can obtain your card much quicker. With this in mind, it is usually best to do so. And also, try to prevent the process from being delayed unnecessarily.

The SS-5 Form

Once you’ve managed to protect your identity, now you will need the SS-5 Form. This is the document, which is utilized to obtain another card. You must have to fill out and submit this form to get the original or replacement SSC card. The good news is that the SS-5 Form is readily available online. So, you can download and print it for free! Apart from this, you will also need to submit a number of documents, which will be explored in greater depth below.

The Information You Need For a Social Security Card Application

The SS-5 Form asks for a great deal of information. But the majority of it is easy and simple. In fact, the majority of people will be able to complete the form within a matter of minutes. Below, you will find a list of information, which will be needed.
  1. Name.
  2. Place and Date of Birth.
  3. Ethnicity is voluntary.
  4. Race is voluntary.
  5. Sex.
  6. Names and social security numbers for both parents.
  7. Date, phone number and mailing address.
  8. Signature.
Remember that it is possible to obtain assistance completing and submitting the form, if necessary. When working alongside application Filing Service, the form will be completed for you. If you do not complete the form on your own, the person, who does will need to fill out box number 18, before submitting the application. Obtaining An Original In order to obtain a brand-new card and number, you will need to confirm your identity, age and US citizenship. In order to do this, you will need to also submit two documents, which clearly show this information. Some non-citizens may not have a valid DHS work authorization. In that case, they will need to prove that they have a legitimate reason, which is non-work related, for obtaining the card. Take note that those, who are 12 years and older, yet have never obtained a SSN, will need to apply for social security card online or in person. Replacement Social Security Card Steps The process for obtaining a social security card replacement is surprisingly much easier. In this situation, you simply need to provide a single document, which will help to prove your identity. However, if you were born outside of the United States, you will also need to prove your current citizenship or lawful status. A handful of different documents can be utilized for this purpose. Be sure to make copies. Thus, you can keep a copy on hand, until the process has concluded. How To Submit The Application If you opted to obtain and submit the SS-5 form, you should know precisely how to proceed. Before going ahead, make sure it has been completed in its entirety. Once the information is completed, you should scan over it carefully to ensure the accuracy. Once the information has been corrected, you should submit the form. This can be done in two different manners.

Order a new social security card

First, you can mail the information directly to any Social Security Office. Some individuals will prefer this method. But others will not, because they’ll be worried about their information slipping into the wrong hands. Also, snail mail can be slightly slow and will definitely delay the process to some extent.

Replacing social security card

On the other hand, you may want to consider submitting the information directly to your local Social Security office. If you live close to an office, this could very well be your best bet. After the application, has been processed, you should expect to receive your card, within a matter of 7 to 14 days. My Social Security Account The SSA has recently changed their rules regarding the SS card replacement application and submission process. Now, you can visit their website and open up a My Social Security account. You will need to input some very important information into the online form. It is important to note that the only way that you can open up one of these accounts is if you already have a social security number. This process does not work for first timers you will need to go through the original filing process.
  1. Valid E-mail address.
  2. Valid SSC Number Card.
  3. Physical address within the U.S.
  4. 18 Years of age or older.

Apply for Social Security Card online

These are the requirements for opening up an account. The SSA verifies your identity using their external data source such as Equifax. Once your account has been approved, you can utilize it to apply for social security card online replacement SS card. And also, other various actions regarding your social security benefits can be done. Getting Help The process may seem simple and easy. But, it can actually be much more complicated than you could ever imagine. There are plenty of things that could go wrong. A single mistake could largely delay the process. So, it may keep you out of a job for a tiny bit longer. With this in mind, you may want to consider making contact with Application Filing Service today. Our experts will be able to guide you through the entire process. We’ll help to ensure that your application is processed in a proper manner.

Replacement Social Security Card

2017 Social Security Card updates coming in January via IRS SS-5 Form. It will be posted on this website promptly. All processing systems will use the 2017 Social Security Card IRS SS-5 Form prior to its release. And it will not affect online processing.

Replacing a Lost SS Card

All lost SS card replacements are processed online. Filing for replacements of lost social security cards in person at the SSA is unnecessary. As replacement of lost ss cards is much easier than a new social security card. It may happen that you believe your social security card may have been stolen instead of simply lost of misplaced. In that case, we suggest confirming your identity has not been stolen as well.

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