Social Security Card Application Online
August 14, 2016
Social Security Card Application
August 15, 2016


Apply for the Card Now is the best agency to complete your application for a Social Security card online, Skip the lines, save time, and save money replacing your Social Security card online with our helpful filing agents. The government will issue your card free, but applying for an SSC on your own is extremely complex. This service helps you avoid errors and streamlines the entire process.

** We are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration or the US government**

Our service is designed to make the application process as simple and straightforward as possible. We instantly generate your application,  provide clear instructions, and give you access to expert customer service. This gives you the best chance to avoiding common errors that results in weeks of delays and  countless headaches.
We go above and beyond to make the application process as simple as possible.

Here's how It Works

Replacement Social Security

You are required to fill in different boxes depending on your current situation. Just tell us if you need a new card, a replacement card, or are filling to make changes, and we’ll automatically generate a questionnaire that format your SS-5 properly.

Replacement Social Security Card

Our unique question-and-answer system automatically generates your form for you. Instead of manually entering information and risking errors, you answer our questions and the information is filled in for you.

Replacement Social Security

Your personalized SS-5 guide will arrive and guide you step by step through the application process. We will show you exactly which documents to submit, how to finalize your application, and much more.

Replacement Social Security Card Fee

Print your SS-5, mail it, and wait 7-10 days for your card. While you can’t send the application online using the, all of the time you save using our service will easily make up for it and then some.

Why Apply Online for a Social Security Card with us?

At first, it may seem strange to pay for something when it is offered for free by the government. That is until you actually begin the process yourself. The SSA doesn’t charge a fee when you do your Social Security card application online, but just because they don’t charge any money doesn’t mean there aren’t costs involved.

Time is the most valuable thing you possess, and as soon as you begin to see how difficult the process is when you DIY, you will realize the value of a professional filing service. There are 3 major costs involved in doing it alone:


Time is money. Between setting up an account, figuring out how to fill in the form based on your current situation, and finding the supporting documents to send in, you could very well spend hours completing the application. Of course, doing it online is much faster than in person, but it could still take several hours.


Completing the application could take several hours. In fact, many Americans must use sick or personal days at work to complete the application during the SSA’s business hours. Submitting your application online at night after a long day of work greatly increases the risk of errors. Because this is done during the day, you may miss a day of pay.


Having your Social Security card in your possession is absolutely vital to everyday life. The longer you have to wait, the harder you’ll find it is to do a number of crucial life activities such as finding a job or opening a bank account. There is little time to waste. If you DIY your online replacement SSC card application, you may have to face delays of several weeks or more.

The Benefits of Our Service

Applying online with us is quick and easy. Just click a few buttons, answer a few questions, and follow our step-by-step guidelines. Instead of navigating the confusing process on your own and wasting time stressing, it can all be done for you in a matter of minutes.

With you get:


The SS-5 form is extremely complex and subject to a detailed set of regulations. You have to get it 100% right or you won’t get your card. Our software formats the SS-5 EXACTLY how the SSA wants it. Just answer a few of our simple questions and we’ll auto-generate your form perfectly for you.


Instead of reading all of the confusing rules regarding which documents to send in to support your application and figuring out which rules apply to you, our application experts tell you in plain English what to send. Just generate your SS-5, tell us why you are applying, and we’ll show you what you must send the SSA.


The hardest part of the entire process is taking in all of the information and completing it correctly. We will provide step-by-step instructions in plain English so you give yourself the best chance of completing the process correctly while saving hours of time and endless amounts of stress.


Almost every applicant has questions regarding their application. Our expert customer service agents know exactly what you’re going through and have been trained to help you get through this! They are standing by 24/7 via phone or email. You’ll never have to worry about your application again.

How to Get a Social Security Card Replacement Online

Social Security cards are issued for free by the Social Security Administration. Until recently, the only way to get one was to apply via the mail and wait several weeks for your card to show up. However, the government now offers an online application service for free. You can apply via your “My Social Security” account with the SSA.

Once you log in to your account, fill in the SS-5 form, submit your supporting documents, and send your application.

The process is definitely more convenient than the old fashioned way of doing things, but there are still a few major issues with the service:


The online application service is only available to residents of select states (we cover this below).


The major issue with filing your application is how complex and lengthy the process is. The online portal does not change this. Your application must be 100% accurate and submitted with the proper documents, and the SSA has a number of very detailed regulations that make it difficult. Any mistakes will result in instant denial.


It is free to set up, but this is yet another task that will take time from your day.


You must log in, find out how to replace your card from the menu, and then fill in the form yourself with a program you aren’t used to.

These difficulties make the process long and stressful for most applicants. That’s why many applicants still prefer the convenience and peace of mind of using a professional filing service like ours. Even if applying online through the SSA is more convenient, it still can’t match the convenience of having professional agents helping you through the process.

How to Get a Replacement Social Security Card Online Yourself

If you do wish to complete the process yourself, here is what you will need. Keep in mind that this must be done 100% accurately or your application will be denied instantly.

  • THE SS-5 FORM:

The Social Security form (SS-5) is the form used by the SSA for new/replacement cards or making changes to a current card. This form requires a number of personal details as well as details about your parents. Some information such as race and ethnicity is voluntary. This form must be 100% accurate, completed in with blue or black ink, and filled in properly according to your reason for applying.


The SSA requires you to prove your age, identity, and citizenship along with your SS-5 form. You will need to submit multiple documents, and acceptance is normally at the discretion of the administration. ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ARE ACCEPTED. If you do not send in the right documents, your application will be denied.

Before you apply, gather the right documents to make the application faster. Acceptable documents are:

Proof of Citizenship

  • Passport or birth certificate

Proof of Age

  • A religious record made before the age of 5 showing your date of birth
  • U.S. hospital record of your birth
  • U.S. passport

Proof of Identity

  • A U.S. driver’s license
  • State-issued non-driver identification card
  • U.S. passport

The SSA may accept other documents if these are not readily available to you or if they do not exist. However, it will be at their own discretion. Our helpful customer service agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have and will provide clear instructions on which documents you must submit.

Now that you have your documents ready, you may proceed to the online application process.

Go to

Your free “My Social Security” account lets you estimate your benefits, see your latest statement, review your earnings, and even apply for a Social Security card online. Residents of the following states are now eligible to apply online:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Delaware (driver’s license only)
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin (driver’s license only).

If your state is not listed, please skip to the next option. To apply for your card, you must:


Creating an account is free and doesn’t take too long. You need to provide some personal details to get started.


Sign in to your account and select “Replace Documents.”


You’ll be asked to verify some information about your personal identity and contact methods.


Enter your personal information. Once this form is complete, your new card will be on its way!

Even though you are applying online, the process is still confusing for many and even daunting for some. You are responsible for following the regulations and submitting an error-free application. The Social Security Administration doesn’t offer much support when doing your Social Security card application online, so you are completely on your own.

That’s why so many applicants are now using a professional filing service to help them complete the process quickly and accurately. You could do it alone for free, but using a 3rd-party filing service could actually be a superior option.

Who Are We? is a professional filing agency that allows customers to easily and correctly complete their application for a Social Security card online. We streamline the complex process into a few simple steps and are by far the fastest way to get your new or replacement card.

We are not affiliated with the Social Security Administration or any other governmental agency. We are a group of people that know firsthand how difficult it is to apply for an SSC because we’ve lived it.

After hours wasted at the local office and poring over government forms, we submitted our application and waited. When our package was returned, we couldn’t believe it….DENIED. We tried to talk to the Social Security Administration but they kept telling us we made simple errors.

We knew there had to be a better way. That’s how was born. Our struggles with the SSA helped us understand the challenges that every applicant faces and to design a system that simplifies those challenges into simple steps that literally anyone can complete.

Our goal is to make your life easier, save you time, and ensure you get your card without any delays.

What We Do

We act as an agency between you and the SSA. Through us you can:


If you have lost your card or it has been stolen, you may apply for a replacement through us. Please note that you should protect your identity and finances from fraud before applying for a new card.


If you need a new card or an original one, you may apply for it through our service.


If you’ve been recently married or divorced, you must make changes to your card to reflect your current name immediately. Also, if you wish to change your name and have\ proof of a court order, you may file it with us.


If your elderly parents or young children need a card, our service is the best way to get one for them

If you need help with anything at all, is the best place online to file.


Q: Online Social Security Card

A: We have gathered all of the most commonly asked questions regarding how to get a replacement Social Security card online. If you do not see the answer to your question, feel free to contact our expert application consultants.

Q: Can I really apply for a Social Security card online? I was told it wasn’t possible.

A: We have gathered all of the most commonly asked questions regarding how to get a replacement Social Security card online. If you do not see the answer to your question, feel free to contact our expert application consultants.

Q: Does applying online make my application faster?

A: We have gathered all of the most commonly asked questions regarding how to get a replacement Social Security card online. If you do not see the answer to your question, feel free to contact our expert application consultants.

Q: If the government processes cards for free, why do you charge a fee?

A: We have gathered all of the most commonly asked questions regarding how to get a replacement Social Security card online. If you do not see the answer to your question, feel free to contact our expert application consultants.

Q: Can I submit my application online through you?

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Q: Can I use a copy of my passport?

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Q: Can you guarantee my application is accepted?

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Q: Do you have a money back guarantee?

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Q: My state isn’t eligible to apply online. What should I do?

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The Social Security Administration now offers applicants the ability to apply for their Social Security card online. To get one, go to, create a My Social Security account, and follow the submission instructions.

You will have to complete the SS-5 form, gather the proper documentation, and send the documents along with the form into the SSA. From there, wait 1-3 weeks for your application to be processed. Applying online saves you the long wait at the local office and the hassle of running to the post office to send your application. However, it does not solve any of the major problems that prevent applicants every year from successfully filing for a new card. The same challenges still exist when you apply online.

The SS-5 form is still confusing and subject to a number of regulations, and the rules regarding documentation are difficult to comply with. Many applicants find that they can’t even figure out how to apply. Even though the application is done through an online portal, you are still responsible for manually entering your information. This leads many applicants to make minor errors.

That’s why many still prefer to use a professional online filing service to assist them. A filing service will help you complete the process quickly and stress-free. They will auto-generate your form based on your answers to questions and provide step-by-step instructions for filing your forms correctly.

Even though applying online directly with the SSA may seem like the better option, it will still take more time and risk costly delays. A Social Security card is a vital part of your life as an American citizen. Don’t risk going too long without it!

Begin your application with the SSA today!


  • You may apply online for a new SSC directly with the SSA for free
  • Only certain states are eligible. Check to see if yours is included
  • Go to the SSA’s website, open an account, and complete the application via their portal
  • Applying online is far more convenient than going to the office or mailing your application in
  • However, the process is still very complex if you DIY
  • The online application is still subject to confusing regulations and strict guidelines
  • Any mistakes will result in immediate denial, forcing you to begin the process over again
  • A professional filing service can also help you complete the process right from the comfort of your own home and give you the best chance to submit a successful application
  • is the web’s leading filing agency. Our goal is to turn this complex process into a few simple clicks. We save applicants time and stress every day
  • Although the SSA offers this service for free, it costs a lot of time and risks delays receiving your card. The low fee that we charge is well worth the time you save!

Legal Information: USA Filing Services LLC is a third party agent that processes and facilitates the social security card request process making it easier for our customers to change names on a social security card or assist with getting a new social security card or replacement social security card there is a one time document processing service fee of $39.00 (USD) and our additional services offered exclusively for all social security card processing can only be found here. Please note that this service is available for free if you file yourself directly through the social security offices in person. Why wait in line and file with multiple agencies and/or companies when we'll help you update everything from one online application? Save time and money by utilizing our services. USA filing Services LLC acts as an authorized agent for users wishing to file their social security card application, new, updates, renewals and replace social security card. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the user. Please note that your access to and use of change USA Filing Services LLC is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please allow up to 7-10 days for completion. Getting a new social security card isn't difficult if you know how to get a new social security card and change name on social security card ©2014 USA Filing Services LLC All rights reserved.

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