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August 16, 2016
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Apply For New Social Security Card

Social security card is an important document for any adult United States citizen. It is what you need to secure a job, collect social security benefits and get other vital government services. It is therefore very important to apply for a new social security card once you qualify. Nevertheless, many people who have attained the correct age are not aware of the application process for a new social security card.

Apply For New Social Security Card

What Are The Requirements to Apply For New Social Security Card?

Before you go ahead and place your application, you need a few documents required by the US Social Security Administration to process the social security number of your card. Here are the requirements:

1. Proof of US Citizenship

The acceptable documents include U.S birth certificate or a valid U.S passport.

2. Proof of Age

The acceptable age for new SSC application is 18 years. A valid birth certificate is good enough but if you do not have one then the following might be acceptable:

· U.S hospital record of your birth;

· Religious record made before the age of 5 indicating your date of birth; or

· Valid U.S passport.

NB: If the applicant is aged 12 years or above, he or she must prove that social security number was not assigned by appearing in person.

3. Proof of Identity

The U.S SSA accepts only certain documents to prove identity. Such documents must be valid, shows your name, recent photograph and contains your identifying information (age or date of birth). Examples include:

· U.S Passport;

· U.S driver’s license; or

· Non-driver identification issued by the state.

In case you do not have any of the above listed documents or you cannot obtain their replacements within 10 days of application then you can also prove your identity by producing valid:

· Health insurance card (a Medicare Card is not acceptable);

· Employee identification card;

· School Identification card; or

· United States Military identification card.

You notice that some of these documents overlap. The US Social Security Administration allows you to use a single document for dual purposes. In other words, you may use U.S birth certificate as proof for age and citizenship. Nevertheless, you must produce at least two different documents during your application.

The Application Process

Once you have all the necessary documents, you can fill out and print application for social security card form available in the agency’s official website (www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/). You can download the form in PDF format and fill in the required fields using the information in the documents above. The last step involves sending the duly completed form to the local U.S SSA offices near you. You can either take it to them in person or send it via mail.

It is always important to have a record of the completed application form. You can produce several copies and file them for records. Remember you can also apply for a new social security card for a second party. In this case, you will be required to indicate the relationship between you and the person you are sending the application for. The process remains essentially the same.

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